SwissRDL - Medical Registries and Data Linkage

Spitex (Home Care Data) - National registry for the Swiss home care society

Home Care Data is the data pool of the Swiss Association of Local Home Care Organizations of Switzerland (Spitex). Spitex is a nationwide organization for support, health care and nursing outside hospitals and nursing homes. Spitex uses RAI-Home-Care for surveilling home care demand. RAI-Home-Care is an international instrument for documenting data from the home-care area, and has been adapted for Switzerland.

Many applications for data acquisition were developed by several licensed IT companies and are in use at hundreds of locations across Switzerland. In 2013, all these IT companies were given a mandate to develop an interface to the MEMdoc platform that now enables periodic transfer of anonymized data. MEMdoc is the central data pool and monitoring tool for this collection of national data.

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