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Swiss Health Care Atlas

A detailed description of the geographic patterns of health care utilisation is needed to inform future health care planning in Switzerland. In collaboration with the Swiss Health Observatory (Obsan), a publicly available interactive atlas is being developed which will serve as a starting point for future hypothesis-driven analyses. The Swiss Health Care Atlas will be of great interest to health services research in Switzerland, as it will provide an important data source for various stakeholders working in this field.

This project is supported by the Gottfried & Julia Bangerter-Rhyner Foundation and the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences.

Prognostic models of the outcome of surgery for disc herniation and spinal stenosis

The project uses Spine Tango data collected by the Schulthess Klinik to develop valid outcome prediction models for three of the most common indications in spine surgery: central stenosis of the lumbar spine, lumbar disc herniation, and cervical disc herniation. An online prognostic tool will present the predicted outcomes for individual patients, based on their characteristics.

The prediction models enable a tailored prediction of the outcome of surgery for individual patients. The online prognostic tool will improve access and usability of prognostic information in clinical practice. This should help improve the safety and effectiveness of spine surgical treatment and thereby reduce costs.

This project is supported by the Mäxi Foundation.

Prognostic tool screenshot