SwissRDL - Medical Registries and Data Linkage

Titleimage: SwissRDL - Medical Registries and Data Linkage

SwissRDL, a part of the ISPM Bern, is specialized in medical registries and data linkage. Our mission is to advance and improve health care in a rapidly evolving health care environment.

Much effort is required to create a registry that collects high quality data, and there are many prerequisites. But in return for that effort, a top-notch registry becomes a unique source of information drawn from real life. Another area of expertise is data linkage. Using state-of-the-art methodology, we combine existing datasets to gain additional information and enhance the quality of our data for future research.

SwissRDL interfaces between IT technology, health services research, health technology assessment, delivery of care, and outcome research in medicine, over the whole life cycle of a registry, from the original idea to the final results.