SwissRDL - Medical Registries and Data Linkage

Home Care Data (HCD) - National registry for the Swiss home care society (Spitex)

Home Care Data is the data pool of the Swiss Association of Local Home Care Organizations of Switzerland (Spitex) - the nationwide organization for support, health care and nursing outside hospitals and nursing homes. Basis of the registry is interRAI HomeCare Switzerland (interRAI HCSwitzerland) – an international instrument adapted for Switzerland and developed as a reliable and user-friendly assessment system that serves as a source of information and guide for person-centered holistic care and support planning in the home environment.

Many applications for data acquisition were developed by several licensed IT companies and are in use at hundreds of locations across Switzerland. In 2013, all these IT companies were given a mandate to develop an interface to the SwissRDL registry platform for periodical data transfer using the predecessor instrument RAI HC. The current assessment tool - interRAI HCSwitzerland) - has been in use since 2020.

SwissRDL produces bi-annual reports for the different Spitex organizations. These reports provide an overview of the demographic distribution and a summary of key aspects of functioning, physical and mental health, social support, and involvement of various care providers of their clients in comparison with the clients of all other Spitex-organizations in the data pool.

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