SwissRDL - Medical Registries and Data Linkage

SwissCaRe - Swiss registry for coronary angiography and angioplasty (heart catheter treatments)

Coronary angioplasty (expansion/restoration of constricted coronary arteries) and associated coronary angiography imaging are by far the most common invasive cardiovascular procedures.

The national quality registry SwissCaRe (Swiss Cardiology Registry) was launched in 2022 by the Swiss Society of Cardiology (SSC) and its Working Group on Interventional Cardiology to meet the increasing demands for medical quality assurance and improvement from the medical profession, authorities and society. SwissCaRe aims to record all Swiss heart catheter treatments. In addition to data on the treatment itself, information on the indication for treatment and post-treatment medication is also collected. By collecting this information, SwissCaRe creates the basis for evaluation and long-term improvement of the quality of treatment and care within Switzerland.

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